01. Young people are often [influenced] by their friends, but they generally learn most of their values at home.
02. Movie stars and sports celebrities have always had a lot of [influence] on what young people wear.
03. David Suzuki is one of the most [influential] figures working for the environment today.
04. As my children get older, I have much less [influence] over them.
05. My grandma [influenced] me to study graphic arts because she thought I was good in design.
06. Eric Clapton was a major [influence] on the guitarists of his time.
07. She has a lot of [influential] friends in the company, so she's sure to get a good job there.
08. Kenneth Blanchard once said that the key to successful leadership today is [influence], not authority.
09. Ingrid Bengis once noted that words are a form of action, capable of [influencing] change.
10. The United States has enormous [influence] due to both its great size and its economic success.
11. Studies have found that one third of Americans aged 18 to 29 years old believe, to some extent, that horoscopes and the stars [influence] and predict events in their lives.
12. Punjabis are the most [influential] ethnic group in Pakistan.
13. There is a Korean proverb which states that power lasts ten years; [influence] not more than a hundred.
14. After World War Two, Czechoslovakia fell within the Soviet sphere of [influence].
15. The Boer War enormously extended Great Britain's [influence] on the African continent.
16. One cannot overstate the [influence] Africa has had on the music of the world.
17. Ironically, many of the foreign music styles that have been most [influential] on today's African music have African origins.
18. Natural landscapes are greatly [influenced] by both the rock structure of a region and its climate.
19. In musical terms, Italy remained the most [influential] region of Europe from the mid-sixteenth to mid-eighteenth centuries.

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